About the Friary

The Friary can be likened to a magical “Graduate School,” in the European tradition, where each Initiate pursues a self-designed and self-directed program of study and practice. The new Initiate may choose with whom they will work, what area/path on which they will focus, and, like a graduate strudent- eventually ends up teaching as well.

The Friary is not for everyone. Since there’s no spoon-fed instruction, our members must be self-motivated and posess a high degree of self-discipline. No one’s going to tell them what to do next so they’d better be ready and willing to find out on their own.

Of course, we don’t let members flounder- while we won’t tell them what to do next, Initiates are always willing to share what they, themselves “did next” – or watch for certains signs of either internal advancement- or trouble. While everyone’s path is a unique one- there are certain commonalities/road signs that allow senior Initiates to help guide the work of those coming after.

The basic elements of the Friary approach, inspired by these sources, can be summed up under two headings:

First of all, the Friary is an Initiatory meta-system, that is, it provides an Initiatory umbrella of four earned, (and one honorary) degrees that allows the Initiate to chart their course as they pursue their own magical Self-Advancement- and correspond with other Initiates at varying locations upon their own journey.

Secondly, the Friary is Esoteric Christian in theme: that is, while the Friary is open to Initiates of all faiths, its primary symbolism is drawn from the vast wellspring of spiritual Tradition that is Christianity. While there will be no “One True Way-ism” espoused, those uncomfortable with overt Christianity, even that of an Esoteric nature, may not be comfortable within our halls.

Membership in the Friary is open to men and women of 18 years of age or older, and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or sexual preference.

Degree Structure

The Friary uses a four-degree system, with one extra “honorary” fifth degree to designate the Grandmaster, or head of the Order. Those degrees are numbered with Roman numerals, followed by the “degree” symbol, and are named by us:

I° – Friar Initiate
II° – Friar Adeptus Minor
III° – Friar Adeptus Major
IV° – Magister Templi

The Friary expects that all serious Initiates will, through dedication and effort, work their way through the degree system in their own time. To that end, there are no “minimum time in grade” regulations for advancement.

Individual Initiates pursue their own Initiatory path, with the collective support and feedback of the other Friary Initiates, and as they progress upon that path- those Initiates who have already attained certain stages will be looking for those signs which are varied yet share certain commonalities.

While we may each tread different paths, we are all traveling in the same direction.

The Friary, by Adeptus Minor Recognition, is certifying that this particular magician is capable and skilled in the esoteric arts and philosophy, and has all the tools necessary to begin to effect the “Great Work,” The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. We refer to the HGA regularly as the “Sacred Flame” in the Friary- that special Divine Fire that ensouls the magician and allows him or her to increase their state of Being, while moving always closer to the Will of the Divine.

The culmination of the Great Work, on a personal level, is the primary sign of advancement to the III°, indicating that the Magician has attained this resonant attunement with the Sacred Flame- made that divine contact on the Inner Planes (the Subjective Universe) and is able to manifest this in the realm of creation (the Objective Universe).