Here is a summation of the Friary Degree conferral program:

  • The Grandmaster appoints a Dean of the College of Seven.
  • The Dean of the College of Seven appoints IV° members to serve on the College of Seven.
  • The College of Seven is the only body which may confer the IV°.
  • A member of the IV° may confer the I°, II° & III° degree Initiations, and has access to all rituals with the exception of those pertaining solely to the College of Seven and the Grandmaster.
  • A member of the III° may confer the I° and II° degree Initiations.
  • A member of the II° may confer the I° Initiation.

Initiates may confer any degree for which they are authorized upon any person of their choosing. The Grand Lodge will not dictate to whom, or under what conditions you may pass on the Initiation. Be warned however, that as each Initiator will share in the glory of one of their Candidate’s achievements… so too will they share the shame for their failures. Initiates are cautioned therefore to be most particular and discerning in their judgment.

Initiations must be given in person.

Initiates are encouraged to make or procure their own materials for the enactment of the Initiations, though if they are unable, certain items will be made available by the Grand Lodge for a modest fee to cover production and mailing.

Please note: At present, The Friary operates on an invitation-only basis. We do this to ensure that we take both great care with and for our initiates.

At the same time, the Friary welcomes an introduction from those seeking membership, towards assisting us to better evaluate potential invitees. It also can provide you with a greater opportunity to evaluate the Friary, should an invitation to connect be extended.

If you are interested in introducing yourself, please feel free to write to the Executive Director.

The Friary receives its share of inquiries, and is an inward, rather than outward facing organization. As we are geographically dispersed, we cannot promise that every introduction will be responded to, or an invitation to connect extended. We do keep introductions on file and review them periodically towards availability of near-by members.