The Network of Initiation

Holy-grail-round-table-bnf-ms_fr-116F-f610v-15th-detailIt is understood that from age to age, there exists a network of persons who work towards the betterment of humanity. This has always begun with the improvement of the Self and the recognition of the Divine. The improvement of Society exists with the understanding that the Individual is the chief catalyst for mass change. 

This network, like the history it shifts through, has been composed of many individuals. Some of these individuals have made their mark within mundane society and may be known to you in other forms. The network has had many names and many facets, some even contradictory to each other at first glance.

A web of communication within the web of communication. A part of the world yet apart from the world. One in purpose, diverse in methods, unique in approach. 

One of the many manifestations of this Network is The Friary.

The Friary is guided collectively by the Sacred Flame, which manifests in a drastic and individual way at the III°+ Adeptus Major level, and for this reason, members of this degree and higher are said to belong to the “Ordo Sacrae Flammae,” or “Order of the Sacred Flame.”

The Sacred Flame is that special Divine Fire that ensouls the magician and allows him or her to increase their state of Being, while moving always closer to the Will of the Divine.

The primary custodians of the visible tradition of the Sacred Flame are the High Priests of the Sacred Flame: The Grand Master, and The College of Seven. 

It is the aim of the Friary to “lead every being, not one left behind” to the realization of the Sacred Flame as they are so accorded by Divine Will, each unto their own. We embrace all methods and traditions. We exist in all times and places. The only obstacles that remain are the ones created by those who, consciously or unconsciously, choose not to move beyond the limits of their own incarnation.